Can you transfer pictures from computer to card reader?

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Yes you can. The card reader is viewed by the computer as a removable drive.
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Can you transfer pictures to a digital memory card from your computer?

Answer . Yes, if your computer has a memory card reader that your particular memory card will fit into and work with. The card reader will allow your computer to read and

How-to transfer pictures from a computer to a flash card?

Windows . One needs to plug the flash card into the computer in some way. If it is USB, simply plug it into the USB port in the back or front of your tower. If it is an SD c

How do you transfer pics from computer to card reader?

Use the click and drag method. Open My Computer - expand the drives so you see the card reader. Expand My Documents until you see the picture file(s) you want. Left click on t

How do you transfer pictures from the computer onto a memory card?

At least, we should have a card reader that support your memory card type. Attach the card reader to the PC through USB connection and you will see your memory card on "My Com