Can you snort Viagra?

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yes, but it only has a side effect for 5 minutes, maybe more, depending on how many you snort.
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How do you get Viagra cheap?

Many insurance companies offer online or mail order discountmedications through their services. If you use an online company,be sure to use a reputable source. Many online so

Where can you get Viagra?

Here are answers, and opinions, from a variety of WikiAnswer contributors: . Contact your doctor. They will be able to determine if it could help you, and be able to inf

Can you snort Viagra to get high?

YES. all u need to do is get the pill dip it in alchol for 2 mins and swallow it and relax and enjoy the trip don't take more then 3 in a hour if u did it right u shouldn't ha

How effective is Viagra?

most companies differ in quality, i ordered once from a company it took like three weeks to receive, but the pills were good. They worked perfect, i could not upload the link

What does Viagra does to you?

Do you want the techinical or the lament answer? Basically, it increases blood flow which in return gives males an erection.

What is Viagra?

Viagra is used to treat male Impotence also known as ErectileDysfunction. Also, it has been approved by US FDA for treatingpulmonary arterial hypertension.
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What is better then Viagra?

As prescribed by your doctor which is better then Viagra may depend from your needs. What is viagra? Not only ED pills but also a blood pressure medicine. If you want better e
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What rhymes with Viagra?

Niagara works as in Niagara falls sorry if it's not too helpfull! maybe you ask the sinonims or similar drugs like Levitra Cialis Kamagra
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How can you get Viagra?

Viagra is a prescription-only drug. You can only get it through a doctor's prescription. Buying the drug elsewhere is illegal. Modern customs have the ability to detect th