Can you sign the birth certificate if you are not the father?

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Yes, but if the action is challenged by the biological father the BC and the custodial rights to the child can be altered.

Technically some might view such an action as fraud. However, if it is done with good intent there would be no legal repercussions but possible civil ones as noted above.
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Who signs the birth certificate if the father does not?

When I had my daughter, her father was not able to be there at the time, so I was the only one to sign the birth certifiate as a parent. The father's name can be added by the

Can a mother sign a birth certificate for a father?

UK Answer Only if the parents are married. US Answer No signature by a second party is considered legitimate. For those who are infirm or illiterate, an "X" in the pers

If the father did not sign the birth certificate how can he sign it?

My son experienced this situation. In California, the answer is to go to the hospital of birth where he showed his California driver's license, Social Security Card, and a DNA

What rights does a father have who signed birth certificate?

It matters if the father is named on the certificate as the father. If so, then he has as much rights as the mother. But in a court of law you might find the mother has a litt
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Does the biological father have to sign the birth certificate?

No, not unless it is court ordered via a court ordered paternity test for the purposes of child support. However, if he is positive he is the biological father, and I mean 100
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How much is it for the father to sign a birth certificate if did not sign at birth?

In most states there is no charge. The father can go to the local health department and request a paternity affadavit. You will have to go get your signature notarized (althou