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Can you set up free Yahoo Mail with outlook 2007 without purchasing Yahoo Mail Plus?

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How do you import message from outlook express to yahoo mail?

Answer   Here's what I did, and it worked. Yahoo doesn't support IMAP, but Gmail does, so you move the emails from Outlook to Gmail first with IMAP, and then with the fre

Is Yahoo mail free forever?

yes it is free. let's just hope the time won't come that Yahoo will begin to charge users for the service.

How can you get into Yahoo Mail it is blocked by yahoo?

Yahoo blocks mail addresses if you are spamming or abusing their  ToU.   You should have been sent an email explaining why you are blocked  from sending emails and who t
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Is it free to sign up for a Yahoo Mail account?

Yes, it is free to sign up for a mail account. In order to do so, a person must enter basic personal information and select a username and a password to access the mail. The u

What is the cost of Yahoo Mail Plus?

Yahoo Mail Plus costs less than ÌÄåâÌâå£1 per month. For a yearly fee of ÌÄåâÌâå£11.99 you can upgrade your Yahoo account to take advantage of the many advance
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How is Yahoo different from Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo! is the the name of the company and their search engine. Yahoo! Mail is one of the products that Yahoo! provides.