Can you receive disability for skin cancer surgery on the face and hand?

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What kind of Disability are you talking about? SSI, SDI, Individual Policy, Group Policy? What is the insuring clause? How long will you be unable to work?
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Can you receive short term disability for plastic surgery?

Yes, as long as your doctor certifies it is medically necessary. Such as breast reduction for back pain, skin removal after massive weight loss, etc. Simply getting breast imp

Can you receive long term disability for cancer?

The simple answer is Yes. A person can certainly qualify to receive Long Term Disability benefits because of having cancer. However, it is not the fact that he/she has cancer

Can you receive short term disability if already diagnosed with cancer?

A cancer diagnosis makes it difficult but not impossible to get short term disability coverage. If you have been cancer free for 5 years you may qualify. Also, if your employe

Why freeze skin cancer on the face?

This technique is sometimes used because to kill cancer cells, they have to be accessed in some way or another. If the cancer is on the outside of the skin, it's easily access

How do you treat skin cancer on face?

I have had a heart shaped skin cancer for over a year, located on my left cheek just below my eye. It was beginning to itch and turning black. I live in Costa Rica and have 2