Can you leave the country while receiving unemployment?

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This would depend on the laws of the "liable" state (responsible for your claim against a business in that state). As most states require active job searching, it may depend on length of departure, qualifying job locations, etc. Check with the unemployment office in your state for particulars.
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Can you get unemployment while on maternity leave?

In the US in most locations yes you can. Though it depends on your exact circumstance. You cannot draw FOR maternity leave. This link in the Related Link below will go thro

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In certain circumstances, you may be able to work limited $hours while on unemployment. If your unemployment counselor does not inform you of this option, be sure to ask the q

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Each state has its own criteria for determining eligibility regarding things like medical leave. Generally, you have to be able (among other things) to go to work, which you m

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Unemployment is set aside for workers who lose their jobs due to economic reasons. Maternity leave is a health related issue. The best way to cover your maternity leave is t

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Yes, in most cases, especially if it is an approved course/institution. Bear in mind, you still have to initially qualify for benefits with a work history, etc. and need to co

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You can be brought up on charges of fraud You are allowed to work in most, if not all, of the states as long as you report it and understand the earnings will be deducted fro

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You really should not cheat the system like this and to have a dual income based on self employment and unemployment is illegal. Unemployment insurance is a program that provi

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You receive unemployment benefits, if you qualify for them by, among other things, being willing, able, and actively seeking full time employment. Private retirement funds y
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How much can you earn in Florida while receiving unemployment?

You can work part time in Florida and still get unemployment. Report your income each week: if you earn less than $58, it has no effect on benefits; anything over $58 will be