Can you have student loans and still file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

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Yes, but the student loans don't get cancelled: you still have to pay those.
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Which schedule do you list student loans on in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Answer . It probably doesn't matter since most student loans arenon-dischargeable (see 11 USC 523(a)(8), which says that studentloans may NOT be discharged in bankruptcy if t

Can you file chapter 7 and not include your student loans in the bankruptcy since they are in deferment and also continue getting student loans while in college?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI believe that student loans are a category of debt that is not dischargable in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy will show up on any credit reports,

I filed bankruptcy under Chapter 13. Student loans were discharged under hardship. Do I still have to pay them?

Answer #1 . Chapter 13 is "reorganization" plan for payment. Student loans were within the plan for payment? or were they discharged within another bankruptcy? normally stu

You filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can you get a home equity loan?

Probably not...for many reasons.. First, in todays financial world, even well qualified people, with reasonable equity in their homes, and who have paid back heir other credi

Can you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on a Signature Student Loan?

First, you don't file BK on a thing..a loan or a debt...YOU file BK and it effects everything you own and everything you owe. No picking and chosing.. Gov't insured or Gurant