Can you get wages garnished in NYS for late child support payments?

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Or not even when late. Under Pubic Law 12, passed in 1988, all child support is suppose to be by garnishment in all payroll cases, but state accounting practices have made the program a near disaster.
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Can your wages be garnished when your wages are already garnished for child support?

If you're talking about a federal student loan, you're talking about federal law that trumps the law of any state you live in, New Jersey and Indiana included. For correct fe

Can VA disability payments be garnished for child support payments?

Yes, there is no income that is exempt from the collection/garnishment of court ordered child support. Answer There are certain circumstances in which the court ca

In Nevada can a father lower his child support payments to one child when his wages are being garnished and has to pay child support for another child?

Child Support Adjustments . You need to know that the child support guidelines are not set in stone. They are just guidelines. You can make a case for not paying so much.

Stopping wage garnishment for child support?

Only if the child has reached the age of majority in accordance with the state laws. See link Otherwise, retain the garnishment, which is suppose to be on all obligoes by f

Can wages be garnished if child support not filed?

No - there must be an order for support entered by a court or the State's child support agency, but if a retroactive order is issued, your wages will be garnished. There has b

Can a judgment garnish child support payments?

Not sure in what context you mean, but yes a court order can garnish your wages for child support. IF the custodial parent has filed a support order and paternity has been est

Are child support payments exempt from garnishment?

Child support payment are not exempt from garnishment . It is not usually something that will be done on the day a custody determination is decided but rather the option is en

Can VA disability payments be garnished for child support in ny?

The Quick Answer is, No , "Ganishment" is not the legal process for splitting up the VA Compensation Payments. There are similar sticky questions. Can a judge do anything t