Can you get a virus on your iPod touch?

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yes.....actually it is a funny story, because I was plugging it into my computer, and I didn't use a safety plug, so when I opened my iPod it said,"I have been infected with herpes"

so the iPod touch can get viruses.

The guy above either had a virus on his PC or had firmware 1.01 or 1.022
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Can iPod touch get a virus?

Since the iPod Touch is based on Mac OS X it is possible but like the Mac, it is pretty secure. Be extra careful what you download or install.

Can a ipod touch get a virus?

don't think so but if you get a virus just restore it on iTunes wrong any device can, your music can get a virus and you can get it from the internet depending on the sit

Can iPod touch get virus?

Yes but it is extremely rare though. Its most likely u probably uv downloaded crap from the internet. Remember the ipod is a IPOD nota COMPUTER

Can the ipod touch get a virus?

yes, especially when you download an app and it asks you if your 17 or older, so if you don't want a virus stay away from inapropriate apps.

How do you get a virus off your iPod Touch?

There's some debate as to whether an iPod touch can get a virus. Certainly, if the device was unlocked, it is certainly possible, but the likelihood is low if the device was n
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Can you get a virus on the iPod touch 3g?

As far as I am aware, you can NOT get a virus on the iPod Touch 3G. I own one and use it to browse virus infested sites that would normally kill my computer. Have never had a
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How do you fix a virus on iPod touch?

All i now is just to go to the apple store or just call them and they can help you fix it. jabbahwocky: what i would do is plug your ipod touch into the synced computer, and