Can you get a insurance license with a felony theft charge?

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Depends on what the felony was for...if it was for some type of fraud or embezzlement, forget it. If it was for something else, there's a chance and depends on the state where you live.

Please provide more information on the felony. Which state are you from? You can contact your state's insurance license department and check if they will let you take the insurance license exam.
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Can you get an Insurance license in Alaska if you have a felony?

Yes, however you will have to submit a waiver and supply legal documentation to the Department of Insurance in that state - and subsequently in every other state in which you

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Can you get insurance license with a misdemeanor theft charge in Georgia?

I am not sure for Georgia, but in Texas you will have no problem if it is 7-10 years old. Be prepared to have several character letters written and produce all documents from

Can you get a insurance license in CA with a felony?

California law allows for the insurance department to deny your license application if you have a felony. That doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot get licensed. You defi

Can you get a insurance license with a narcotic felony?

You may be able to get a license, depending on the state you reside in. The main concern for an insurance license is financial crimes. So if you have embezzled money for examp