Can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV with standard basic cable?

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Yes to both. Both require that you have a High Definition Television with its own built-in HD tuner, or an HD capable TV (like an LCD monitor) with an external HD tuner attached. (Don't confuse this with the February 2009 Digital transition. That transition is not related to High Definition.) Second you either need an HD antenna or a basic/standard cable hook-up (no cable equipment required) that broadcasts an unscrambled HD signal (TimeWarner Cable does this, I can't speak definitively for other cable companies). Once your choice is set up, send your HD tv/tuner through a digital/ or hd search, not analogue (it can take a while so be patient) and the tuner will find channels like 70.4 and 80.2, etc. Empirically the picture on these channels will look substantially better compared to your other analogue or digital channels, however, they will not be shown at "full capacity", i.e. in the 1080 realm. In the case of TimeWarner Cable if you subscribe to their Digital service you get free uncompressed, 1080i HD service. No other Cable nor Satellite service provides Free High Definition. By leasing TimeWarner's HD equipment instead of the Digital equipment (same price) all you need is an HD capable TV (monitor), TimeWarner provides the Tuner and the remote as well as a plethora of cutting edge technology to enhance the whole experience. If you would like more information about HD or other industry leading technologies and services, call your Local TimeWarner Cable office to request an in-home visit from a Direct Sales Representative who will provide you with the most thorough answers to your questions and as well the absolute best possible rates and discounts - apples to apples - in the market. jk,082812
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If both have HDMI connectors use them. If not use the component connectors. These would be colored Red, Blue and green.

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