Can you get AIDS if none of your sex partners have it?

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You do not get AIDS, you get HIV (Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus) which may or may not proceed to AIDS.
You can only get HIV froma sex partner who has it or from direct contact with a body fluid e.g. as a medical care worker.
But how do you know none of your partners has it? If you are sleeping around, they may be too and one of their partners may have it.
You are sleeping with everyone each of your partners has slept with.
The only way to protect yourself is to abstain or to have a single partner who you know is disease free.  There has to be a source to get AIDS. That said, a person could be a carrier, but not get it him/herself and pass it on to his/her partner who gets AIDS. There is however a difference between HIV and AIDS. This difference I am not tring to make.
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Can you get AIDS if your partner doesn't have AIDS?

No you can not. One of you have to have HIV or AIDS to get it. But if one of you has had sex with a person with the AIDS virus, it's possible to pass the virus on before you d
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