Can you find out if your tax refund will be taken for a past debt i.e student loans before you file?

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Answer Typically a notice via mail is issued prior to the filing period alerting the student loan or child support debtor that their refund may be taken in whole or part to repay these obligations. 1-800-304-3107 is the best way to find's automated.
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Can you stop your tax refund from being taken to pay student loan debt if you made very little money last year?

Your question isn't really a tax one, but an educational loan one. The IRS doesn't really care who it gives the refund to, as long as it is a legal party to receive it. It has

How do you get your tax refund if your student loans are in default?

I believe that any tax refund to which you think you may be entitled was diverted to pay down the debt of your student loan obligations. Your federal income tax will be applie

Can federal tax refunds be garnished for past due student loans?

If they are under 180 days late, you should be ok. If over 180 days delinquent, then you are in Default and may have your tax refund applied to your student loan balance. If

When can a student loan be collected from tax refunds?

The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treasury Offset Program. Through

Old student loan debt and state income tax refund?

In the USA, if your Federal Student Loans are in default, then your original lender was paid 97% of your loan value by a Federal Guarantee Agency. Guarantee Agencies are basic

If you are on unemployment in 2010 can IRS take my tax refund to pay off student loan debt?

Very possible if you are in FMS offset of refund tax program. Go to the IRS gov web site and in the middle of page where the picture is they have some page numbers 1 to 5 choo

Will your tax refund be taken to pay back your debt if you file for bankruptcy?

Tax Refunds and Returns There is no specific protection for tax refunds in bankruptcy. As such, the "wild card" exemption* is used to try to protect these funds as much as p

I have an IRS lien on my refund for student loan debt and am married. Should we file married filing separate to save my wife's return from garnishment?

That's not necessary, but it could make things easier dependingon your situation. There are some things you couldn't claim on yourreturn using the married filing separate (MFS