Can you file bankruptcy on property taxes?

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ALL your property (all your assets) AND all your liabilities are do not pick and chose. You cannot go BK on a speci Save fc debt.

They are given different priorities, some debts may not be discharged (like child support), and some assets (like household goods, work tools), may not be used. Secured debts. (and property taxes are secured to the property being taxed), get first claim to the proceeds from that asset.


Real estate taxes cannot always be discharged in bankruptcy. Determining whether they can be discharged requires some investigation by an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law. A secured debt for property taxes would be perfected by the recording of a tax lien in the land records.
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Can you file bankruptcy on a rental property?

Bk and the Tenant . Yes, if you are the tenant and are under eviction process, the tenant's bankrupcity filing can delay the tenant's eviction by one week or if the landlor

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You file bankruptcy...not the property. You do not file it on a debt, or an anything. You do not say, that thing that isn't worth anything is bankrupt and I want the court t

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They would have to be.. You do not go Bankrupt on certain things though. In BK you do not pick and chose what is included. All are given priorites and some are exempt fom bei

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Property taxes are not in your records so you dont have to worry about them, if your home goes to foreclosure and bank that owns the house will have to pay those taxes if thy

Can you file bankruptcy on taxes?

Yes. BK includes all your assets and all your debts. Nothing is excluded. However, not all things may be discharged. Can 2007 taxes be included?

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A basic, rough primer: BK is always done under FEDERAL Laws, in a Federal Bankrutpcy Court. Basically State makes little difference. (Yes the BK Courts operating in certain

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State Income Tax Claims, Federal Tax Claims, and Real Estate Taxes must be included in a bankruptcy filing. Income tax claims that are less than three years old will usual

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