Can you claim sales tax on your taxes?

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Yes, you can claim state and local sales taxes on your return. But in order to do so you must itemize deductions and you must not claim state and local income taxes. You're allowed to claim either state and local income taxes or state and local sales taxes, but not both.

If you do claim the sales tax deduction, you can either claim the amount you actually paid (based on receipts) or the amount given to you by the IRS's Sales Tax Deduction Calculator.

For a more detailed explanation of the state and local sales tax deduction, please see Deducting State Sales Tax.
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What kind of tax is a sales tax?

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Study island: It is a regressive tax. Citizens of a country are charged certain levies indirectly, commonly known as indirect taxes. These are the taxes payable on an activi

What type of tax is a sales tax?

The sales tax is an indirect tax , because it is collected by the seller and then paid to the government. (The labeling of the sales tax as "regressive" means that it is see

What type of tax is a sale tax?

Citizens of a country are charged certain levies indirectly, commonly known as indirect taxes . These are the taxes payable on an activity or a commodity. Some common exa

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Sales tax is a tax on consumption, levied on goods and services at the point of purchase. They are typically figured as a percentage on the price of the item in question, but

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