Can you claim disability with blepharitis?

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You sould be able to because when you walk into a potential employer they automatically think you are showing up for an interview STONED or High as it were. This of course is not true and your resume is automatically put in the do not hire pile. Alternetly they will think they can get you at a steal and will not offer you the same amount of money they would someone with equal credentials.

Both of these instances above have happend to me personally, I was unemployed for 5 years, yet aced every interview and even when back 3-4 times and never got an offer. I end up loosing my house and my whole 401k which I had to live on.

I went from making 180k a year as an engineer to makeing 80k a year as an engineer with 5 years between jobs. Now I've worked my way back up and now I'm about to be laid off again.

This is a MASSIVE disability if you have it
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What is blepharitis?

Answer . Blepharitis is nothing but the inflammation of the eyelids characterized by redness and swelling.

Is blepharitis curable?

Although there is no complete cure for this eye condition, it canbe treated through following eyelid hygiene and using certainmedications like eye drops that contain antibioti

What causes blepharitis?

Some factors that can cause blepharitis are bacterial infections,eyelash mites, an allergy, and eyelid oil glands that do notfunction properly. Blepharitis is an eye condition

Can you claim disability with kidney stones?

No. Kidney stones can be quite easily cured by simply visiting the doctor and having the right treatment; they are not a disability in any way more than having a cold is.

How do you start a disability claim?

You must go to Social Security Administration website or office and fill out some paperwork about your disability and provide doctors and hospital records and appointment in o