Can you claim as a dependent a disabled non-relative housemate if you paid more that 60 percent of her living expenses?

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A person can claim head of household only if the dependent is related, almost any relationanything but a cousin. You can not claim head of household if they are not related.
Yes, you would have to file head of household. This is perfectly legitimate and quite common. The person you are claiming as your dependent COULD NOT claim his/herself on their own separate tax return. Speaking from my experience as a tax examiner, I would try to not complicate matters by providing too much information, aside from that required on the "dependents claimed" lines. Additionally, I wouldn't include any superfluous handwritten or typed correspondence outside of the typical standard forms regarding the nature of the dependant, aside from non-relative. I wouldn't necessarily qualify your support of this individual as a percentage, if you said you paid the "majority" of an individual's expenses it would be less open to confusion and scrutiny. 60% is a majority, after all. One down-side is if the individual you plan claim is receiving social security benefits, the benefits might be subject to a living adjustment since you are easing the individual's burden. Once again, it would pay to be vague. I doubt seriously anything would be affected retroactively, it depends largely on the information the dependant included on his/her social disability claim, that is if he/she even submitted one. Trying to simplify - to claim as a dependent, regardless of how you file - the dependent must be a "qualifying" (strictly defined) child or relative (2 different catagories), that isn't claimed by anyone else, including themselves on their own return. It would seem you have no chance.
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Can you claim a dependent living abroad?

One can claim a dependent that is living abroad if you are helpingto support them. You also need to make sure that they know that youare claiming them.

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Can you claim as a dependent on your California state income tax return a disabled non-relative housemate if you provide the majority of their care?

Yes . For California tax purposes, a Qualifying Person as a dependent is either a Qualifying Child or a Qualifying Relative. You can claim a non-relative housemate as a Qualif

Can you claim a adult as a dependent that is disable on your taxes?

There are 2 types of people that qualify as dependents: Children & Relatives.. The things that must be met to qualify (tests) as either are specific, but fairly easy - and to

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Maybe. There's a set of rules in the IRS instruction booklet for determining whether you can claim someone as a dependent or not. Follow them, and if they say you can, then go

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You can claim medical expenses that you paid for your parent only if you can also claim that parent as a dependent. In order to qualify as a dependent, your parent must m
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