Can you borrow money against your manufactured home?

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I need a loan of 70000 for my business ill borrow the money against the equity in my family home which is valued at 510000 but i still owe 390000 What information will bank managers request?

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Can you borrow money against your pension?

Most pensions are not "technically" owned by the recipient, but by the organization(s) providing the pension. Accordingly, one has few options for borrowing money against the

Can you borrow money against a court case before its outcome?

No. If the case hasn't been decided, there's no award to use as security for a loan. You don't even know if you're going to win. If you do win, a lender's willingness to use t

Can you sign quitclaim deed if you own your home and have borrowed against it?

Mortgages have a due on transfer clause. That means if you transfer the property to a new owner the full amount of the mortgage will become due immediately as you agreed whe

Can you borrow money against your life policy?

Yes, if your life insurance policy has accumulated cash value. Notall life insurance policies will accumulate cash value: forexample, term life insurance policies will not acc