Can Xanax hurt your unborn baby?

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i think that if you think xanax wont hurt your unborn child, you need help. Your baby would come out with defects and half a brain missing. Dont even risk it.
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Will doing crunches hurt your unborn baby?

Answer . I'm not sure if it would, but I know someone who might. Try calling up your doctor and asking him or her. They would know and would gladly tell you. If you're in

Is it illegal to intentionally hurt an unborn baby?

It all depends, if you are talking about drinking, smoking, or being to active like playing football, jumping on a trampoline ir swinging, during a pregnancy and knowing tha

Hot bath water hurt an unborn baby?

No. Because your bath won't be scalding hot. If was too hot you wouldn't get in the tub. If you can sit in the tub, the warmth of the water won't affect thebaby and people say

Can crying to much hurt your unborn baby?

The actual act of crying does not hurt anything. If you watch a lot of sad movies, and cry your eyes out, no harm done. However, if you are continuously crying due to real lif

Does consuming beer hurt unborn babys?

Anything ... repeat anything, that the pregnant mother eats, drinks or smokes, is also passed on to the unborn child. This is why it is always best, during pregnancy, that the

Will hydrocodone hurt an unborn baby?

This medication may be harmful to an unborn baby , and could cause breathing problems or addiction/withdrawal symptoms in a newborn. Taking ibuprofen during the last 3 months
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Does a taser hurt an unborn baby?

Yes -- how much harm is determined by circumstances and location ofapplication -- probably minimal, possibly developmentallyimpairing, conceivably fatal.