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Can they take earned income credit from a tax return for back child support even though it is being paid now?

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Yes they will intercept your taxes until that balance of back pay is paid and current. Then once you are paid you may have to ask that state that intercepted your tax returns to do a tax offset review. Give all documents that show you have paid and or current, then they may dismiss the lien against you. You may be entitled to a refund from that state.
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If your husband paid off his back child support but it still reflects as a negative entry on his credit report will his tax refund be garnished now that he is the custodial parent?

\n. \n Answer about credit report \n. \n. \nIt is possible that it could happen, and is likely if the credit bureau has not noted that it is paid. You should get a rec

Can the custodial parent claim both children and the earned income credit on their tax return if the non-custodial parent is behind on child support but usually you each claim one child?

Answer "Taxes w/ Children" . \nThe custodial Parent has the right to claim both children, but in your case if the NC parent is behind they will automatically take it from

If a father owes back child support will they take his income tax return?

Yes. Both federal and state congress have passed laws to intercept any wages, including income tax returns of a father who is delinquent on child support. Note that when the g

If you received a 1099-MISC form from your employer who paid you cash and checks but didn't take out taxes how do you file your tax return and will you qualify for earned income credit if you made ar?

Form 1099-MISC is Miscellaneous Income. The person or business that gave you that form doesn't consider you an employee. So they didn't withhold taxes (income, social security

How do you claim child support on your income tax return?

Child support is not income to the recipient or a deduction for the payer.. Spousal support, also called maintenance or alimony, is income to the recipient and deductible for

Will child support take your tax return?

yes, even if no arrears exist see links below The State should not be taking your tax refund if you are current. (Making the court-ordered payments on an arrearage doesn'

Can the state take your tax return if you owe back child support but are making payments?

Yes. The government has become acutely aware of the problem of children living in poverty because a parent is not paying child support. Therefore, very strong laws have been p
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Does child support take earned income credit for back child support when you have two younger dependent children living at home?

Yes. The child support division may divert the entire amount of a tax refund to pay towards any back child support. The IRS doesn't care about other children or other obligati