Can someone under 25 drive someone else's car?

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Anybody who fits the legal requirements to drive in that jurisdiction, and has permission from the vehicle's owner, can drive the vehicle.
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Can you insure yourself to drive someone else's car?

Answer . Yes, but that shouldn't be needed. You can occasionally drive a friends car and be covered under their policy without being listed as a driver. If you are a regula

Can you insure a car that is financed under someone else's name?

Answer . \nProbably, some companies only require that you have care custody and control of the vehicle in order to be the named insured. Other companies require that you b

Who pays for the damage if you are driving someone else's uninsured car?

The primarily liable party is the Operator of the vehicle at the time of the accident. An owner may in some cases be held liable in a secondary position. It is the vehicle

Can i drive someone else's car on my insurance but that car does not have insurance?

Check your insurance document. In the UK, most insurance contracts allow you to drive another car with the owner's permission, but the insurance is only for Third Party, i.e.

What if you have a car accident while driving someone else's car?

Accidents in Someone Else's car? Primary Legal and Financial Liability for an automobile accident is always with the driver of the vehicle at fault, The vehicle owner can al