Can psychologists diagnose depression?

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Yes, but they cannot prescribe medication.
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When was depression first diagnosed?

i just want to know what was the first year that depression was diagnosed. back in 1800s 1900s what . i want to know for my health project

How does a doctor diagnose depression?

A doctor diagnoses depression by establishing the existence of some classical signs that indicate a person may be depressed instead of just sad:. You either want to sleep all

How is depression diagnosed?

According to the definitions of most medical, psychological, and psychiatric bodies, there is a commonality in the diagnosis of depression. Most depression tests have a very s

Can a bipolar depression be diagnosed as ADHD?

Bipolar disorders often come with alternating personalities; mania is one of these states and it highly resembles ADHD. Individuals suffering from bipolar disorder during mani

If depressed do you see a psychologist or psychiatrist?

It depends on the treatment that you would like to receive. The psychological approach uses more therapy and suggestive treatments in combination with medicine then a Psychiat

Can you get your nursing licence if you are diagnosed with anxiety or depression?

The licensing board looks at the candidate as a whole, rather than checking boxes off a list. If the board believes that the applicant will be able to perform duties, the lice