Can overexertion or strain cause spotting during the first trimester?

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Yes, if you are spotting you need to take it easy for a few days, also if you have any type of bleeding or spotting you shouldn't have sex until 7 days after the spotting stops. you should also let your doctor know, spotting in early pregnancy is common but doctors like to document everything.
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Is spotting during the first trimester normal?

Yes. Spotting during the first trimester is very normal and sometimes spotting may go along with mild cramps. Many times the spotting is caused by your uterus growing and brea

What does it mean if you have a little brown spotting during your first trimester and have mild cramping?

you should be is said to be common but if you have any concerns consult your almost 7 weeks and had red watery blood once and spotting brown since then

Bleed during first trimester?

you have to be careful with bleeding during the 1st trimester as long as it is not accompanied with severe back pain, nausea, and severe bright red bleeding and painful cramps

Is it normal to spot during the first trimester?

Yes, providing it is not heavy or very painful The doctor told me I'm more than 6 weeks pregnant which I find it hard to believe because I did a home pregnancy test a couple

What does it mean if there is red spotting during the first trimester of pregnancy?

it's pretty normal to have spotting during the first trimester of pregnancy. it is most likely caused to early development in the uterus. your body is producing more blood to

How will you feel during your first trimester?

well when i first became pregnant i had normal signs of PMS. cramps and sore breast. then i missed my menstrual and the cramps worsened. this is due to the stretching of your

Is spotting in your first trimester ok?

Spotting in the first trimester is actually quite normal. Usually it is from implantation, and can occur for weeks following actual iimplantation. As long as the bleeding does

What is the cause of light pink and brown discharge during your first trimester?

Light bleeding is actually fairly common during the first trimester, and the most typical cause is from implantation bleeding which occurs during implantation and possibly any