Can one person have two mortgages?

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Yes. Many people do, especially if they have let property.
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What do you do if two single people are on a mortgage and one person abandons the property in Florida?

Answer . \nyou got a problem. the mortgage company goes to the second person and they don't care as long as they get the money. if you can't handle the mortgage payments, t

Can you have two first mortgages on one property?

Answer . NO! To do so may be seen as fraud and could get you in a lot of trouble. One mortgage must always be sub-ordinate to the other. If the value of the property dropp

Can one person apply for a home equity line of credit when there are two names on the mortgage?

Answer . It is possible. One person may apply on for a HELOC and the loan may be made on the credentials of the one borrower but the previous co-mortgagor/owner may be req

Can two people be on mortgage and one person on deed?

A person who is not on the deed should never sign a mortgage. By doing so they are agreeing to pay the mortgage on another person's land. If the owner of the property defaults
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Can bank sell one of the two mortgages?

Yes. The bank owns the mortgages and can sell either or both to another entity. Yes. The bank owns the mortgages and can sell either or both to another entity. Yes. The bank
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Can a joint mortgage be renewed by one person?

A mortgage must be signed by all the owners of the property. One co-owner cannot mortgage the property because the lender needs to have the right to take the property by forec