Can olive trees be grown and fruit from self seeded plants from an established olive tree?

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Olives grow very readily from seed, so much so that they are a serious problem in some areas such as Australia. If grown from a named variety, the fruit will probably not be as high in quality as the parent plant. Olives are usually propagated by grafting to increase both quality and production.

yer OLIVES and AFRICAN OLIVES are incredibly invasive. When in seed birds feed exclusively on them and then wherever they fly is where they excrete the seed is where the plants start to grow. People like them cos they represent peace, yer maybe in their original country. But not here. stoopid imigrants.
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How do you plant an Atis fruit tree from seed?

Just put the seed in any soil. It is very easy to grow. It needs the tropical weather. The seed grow in 1 yr and ready to give you fruits. It gives fruits 3 times a year but t

After how many years does an olive tree bear fruit?

According to the following websites, under proper conditions (soil, sun, vernalisation etc) the olive tree should begin bearing fruit when it is 5 years old.. http://aggie-ho

Do you need two olive trees to produce edible fruit?

Pollination Flowers of the olive tree, which are small and whitish, aredifficult to see behind the evergreen leaves. Olive trees produceboth perfect flowers, with male an

Is a olive tree a deciduous tree?

no it is not , it is evergreen Actually in cooler climates it is not an evergreen and I don't believe it is considered an evergreen anywhere. It is deciduous.