Can obtain short term disability on my own?

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Yes, there are only few options for individual short-term disability insurance, but it's possible. If your employer does not offer group short-term disability (or paycheck protection) you should pursue your own policy which will be portable (you take it with you when you change employment). A good agent can help you with multiple options and help you choose.

Yes, you can although the type of plans available may be more limited. One advantage of having your own policy is that it can only be cancelled by you or for non-payment of premiums. With an employer's policy, the employer can decide to alter or cancel the policy as they wish.
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Short term disability quote?

The rule of thumb is that short term disability insurance will cost about an hour's wage per week in order to replace 2/3 of your income for 12 months. For example, a perso

What is short term disability?

Short term disability replaces your income if you become injured or sick and can't work. The benefit period is limited to 3, 6, 12, or 24 months. The policy stops paying benef

Does mass have short term disability?

Massachusetts does not have state mandated short term disability. You can get coverage through your employer. Just ask them to make a voluntary short term disability policy

How long is short term disability?

Short term disability policies offer a variety of benefit periods (how long the benefit lasts): 3, 6,12, and 24 month benefit period options are very common. Check your polic

How does short term disability work?

Assuming that you are referring to short term disability insurance, it is intended to replace income when the insured is unable to work due to an injury or medical condition t

How do you get short term disability coverage on my own?

Finding Short Term Disability (STD) insurance on your own is fairly difficult. This is a very niche market right now and only limited carriers are offering it. Mutual of Omaha

How do you extend short term disability?

Short term disability has a defined benefit that ends at a specified time. For example your policy may have a 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, or 24 month benefit period. If you

How is short term disability administered?

Upon proper application and determination of injury span, a valuation allocation is assessed which is based on rehabilitation of the individual and expense incurred (as well a

When does short term disability start?

Benefit payments begin after satisfying the policy eliminationperiod. The elimination period describes the length of time thepolicyholder must be disabled before benefit payme