Can my pension be garnished if I cannot pay my creditors?

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Generally, no; but pension payments should be kept separate from other monies.
Government provided benefits are protected from garnishment. Private pensions are also protected from garnishment in most states.

However, if the pension payment is made to an account which has non-pension monies in the account, there are legal difficulties in differentiating between the protected monies and un-protected monies, creating a collection (but not garnishment) opportunity.
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How do you garnish wages if you are not a professional creditor?

Answer . \nThe person seeking repayment of a debt files a lawsuit in the proper court of venue, usually small claims. If the plaintiff wins their case they can then apply f

I have credit card debt and I let the bank reposses my home. Can the creditors garnish my disability and pension plan payments be garnished?

Answer Credit card companies can't touch your bank account. They can threaten and do many other things like garnish your wages (if you have a job), send you to collections, e

If you live out of the country but have a joint checking account in Florida funded by a pension and Social Security can creditors garnish or freeze the account?

Answer . \nAll SS benefits including SSD and SSI are exempted by federal law from creditor garnishment. Bank accounts belonging to married couples in the state of Florida

Can a debtor who is unable to repay a loan have their Social Security or pension benefits garnished by a creditor who wins a lawsuit judgment?

Answer . \nAll Social Security benefits and most private pension benefits are exempt from creditor attachment. States establish laws which stipulate what real and personal

Can Social Security Disability benefits or pension be garnished for creditor debt?

Answer No. All Social Security benefits (SS,SSD,SSI) are protected by federal law and are exempt to creditor action . This does not apply to federal or state tax arrear

Can pensions be garnished by creditors?

Generally, no, but pension payments should be kept separate from other monies. Government provided benefits are protected from garnishment. Private pensions are also protect

Are creditors allowed to share information that you cannot pay a debt?

Absolutely. That's what you credit rating is. They say you weren't good for it, and it makes you look bad. That's it, that's how it works. I'd suggest getting up on a second j

Is there protection for debtor who pays garnishment but garnishee employer fails to pay creditor?

Possibly but it can be complicated. If the garnishee's employer ignored a court order to remove the amount from the garnishees salary and forward it to 'wherever', the employe
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What can you do if your employer is not paying garnished wages to a creditor?

I would get an lawyer. I know you may not be able to afford it, but you have to do something. Where is the money going? Did you call the company that is suppose to get the mon

Can a creditor garnish your wage in Florida?

Yes. If a judgment is entered against you by a court, your wages may be taken from you to pay the judgment. Garnishment law allows the judgment creditor to obtain a continuing

Which creditors can garnish your pension in Alabama?

Generally pensions cannot be garnished by judgment creditors. A few U.S. states have exceptions when it pertains to private pension annuities. All SS benefits are exempt by fe