Can mass media play a role in shaping your meaning of intamacy?

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In my opinion, the media can definitely change your perception of intimacy, as well as alter your ability to be intimate. As the media displays false images of the human body and makes false descriptions of what humans desire sexually. There are too many subjects and issues to go on about here, but a small example of the two issues i mentioned before are in magazines the pictures of the models are airbrushed to display, what most call a "flawless" body and in movies and sitcoms the most desired people are medium height, and very slender and so on. Giving the receivers of this idea the false realization that's what you have to have to be sexually attractive. which would cause embarrassment of their own bodies or thinking some thing is wrong if they are attracted to some one that's 4 foot and heavy.Possibly leading them to involvement with someone they are not sexually attracted to and embarrassed to take their clothes off in front of. This is definitely, in my opinion, going to cause intimacy issues and is an excellent description of proof how mass media plays a role in shaping your meaning of intimacy.
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