Can horses travel by airplane?

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Yes, amazingly horses can travel in special airplanes. Of coarse it can't be the kind of airplane that people travel in, but it can be done!
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Can a horse travel on an airplane to get to a competition?

Yes! Horses are transported by plane every day. All ages and types of horses are flown if they are sold to a home in another country. Competition horses are also flown. Horses

Can a horse ride in an airplane?

i could give you some funny answers but, the straight answer is, "yes". I am a pilot and I have a friend that has flown with distinguished horses as his PX (passenger). The ho

How do horses get in airplanes?

They fly horses on cargo planes that are equipped for equine transport. Such things do exist--horse racing is big in the United Arab Emirates, and some of the owners will buy

Why do you love to travel through airplane?

I HATE travelling through airplane. Perhaps travelling with ryanair. First you have to wait hours before your gate number comes up. And then when you get on the plane

Can children travel on airplanes?

Yes children can fly on airplanes accompanied by adults. They can also for a fee, travel as an unaccompanied minor.