Can generation gap cause teen rebellion?

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To some extent this point can be righteous but the main thing is not about generation gap and difference of opinions that cause teen rebellion. Teens of today's don't want to take advices and driven by the decisions of their elders. Only a decade apart, striking differences are glaring between these two batches of youth. Like Teens of the 90s have a strong sense of personal identity, they knew who they are and stand up for what they believe in. They don't easily get rattled and jump into the band wagon of what is considered "in and chic" at any given moment. The teens of today revel in all available choices and dabbles in innumerable varieties. Thus, we have amusing hybrid teens whose music reflects one value, their academic dreams another, their friends something else, and their religious belief system yet a different twist. There is so much going on around them that they lose touch about their identity and become confused about their wavering interests.
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lse cause du conflit des generation provien de la difference d agesqaui existe entre les jeunes et les adulte

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Well you would be doing things that your parents do not want you to do! Which could turn into drugs, alcohol, sexual activity! It would be better just to do as your parents as

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