Can ganoderma cure psoriasis?

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Can you cure psoriasis without synthetic drugs?

There are two types of Psoriasis ... one that reacts to cold and one that reacts to heat. I have heard great things about the natural mud baths in Australia. I had a male cous

Is there any permanent cure for psoriasis?

There is no cure for psoriasis. Some people have good luck withbiologics. Others need steroids. The disease has the repeated episode feature, which let thepatients suffer a lo

Is there any cure for psoriasis?

There is actually no cure that will work for every psoriasis patient. But, there are multiple remedies that can be tried to improve the state of psoriasis. Diet is important (

Does ganoderma cures herpes?

No it does not.

How can you cure psoriasis on your scalp?

Im afraid there isn't any cure for this , but you can make it easier to live with coconut oil has worked well for me when its been not too bad Link below if you need mo

What does ganoderma do?

Herbalists consider ganoderma an adaptogen, or natural regulator, suppressing the immune system if it is overactive and boosting it if it is underactive.

Will there ever be a cure for psoriasis?

Yes There can be a sure cure for this disorder but untill the day we find the exact cause for the disease we have to control it . in case of severity please contact Dr Dongra

Is there any permanent cure for psoriasis in homeopathy?

A: Homeopathy can support the healing process of many skin ailments.Because Psoriasis is a long term condition and suggests animbalance in the body, an integrative healthcare

How can you cure your scalp psoriasis?

Your doctor can help determine the best treatment options based on how severe your scalp psoriasis is. They may recommend some medications such as Keratolytics, coal tar, cort