Can drinking bleach kill you?

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I'm a nurse and used to work in the ER. We would get kids in who had ingested bleach or adults who drank it inadvertently. It won't kill you but if it's not diluted at all it can be corrosive to your throat and burn if you have open sores in your mouth.
Let's just say that drinking bleach is'nt good for you.
yes if you drink enough because it contains all types of chemicals and poisons

Yes drinking bleach can and will kill you.
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Can you kill bacteria in your stomach by drinking bleach?

DO NOT CONSIDER TRYING THIS! The bleach will severely injure you mouth, throat, and vocal cordslong before reaching your stomach. You will almost certainly needto be hospit

Can bleach kill you What are the effects of bleach on your body?

Bleach can severely harm or kill you, as a dual compound reactionthe solution has a limited shelf life all throughout which itproduces gasses that can chemically burn or down

Can bleach kill you?

If you drink it, it'll corrode your stomach and stuff and you'll die so phone an ambulance or something, but if you just touch it then it might dissolve the skin on your finge

Can you drink bleach?

No , you can not drink bleach . It's a poison . It depends on how much you consume whether you'll die or not (:

Do you drink bleach?

You really do not need to decolorise your insides. They would never be shown in the first place but if you do try it, you probably die before you bleach your insides.

What if you drink bleach?

Consider the following: you are eating a pomegranate and a squirrelapproaches you, the squirrel asks whether pomegranates yieldbeneficial health effects, of course respond yes

Can drinking a small amount of diluted bleach kill you?

I clean my water cooler out all the time with bleach. Sometimes after rinsing it out after cleaning the water still has a very light bleach smell. It hasn't killed me yet thou

How can bleach kill you?

Bleach has a type of chlorine in it..just like chloring tablets I have floating in my pool with a floating clorinator. If you breathe to much of that cholorine, it could resul

Can drinking bleach detox?

NO. Drinking bleach can kill you and is very unsafe. It was a myth created and should not be attempted. Go to GNC and get a detox kit.