Can an employer deduct tips out of your paycheck legally?

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No. Your employer can neither take your tips (or any part of them), nor deduct money from your wages because of the tips you earn. Furthermore, your employer cannot credit your tips against the money the employer owes you. Labor Code Section 351
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What can legally be deducted pre-tax from an employee's paycheck?

Certain retirement plan, such as 401(k) and 403(b), contributions ( Certain parking and transit expenses (http://www.

Why is your employer not deducting income tax from your paycheck?

Federal and state taxes should be deducted by your employer based on how you filled out your Form W-4 when you were hired. If you claim too many exemptions on your Form W-4

Can an employer deduct monies from your paycheck without your consent?

Yes, they do it all of the time. I wouldn't give consent for taxes if I had a choice. Years ago when working my way through college I worked for restaurants that if I ate some

If an employer deducts 35 percent from your paycheck can you draw unemployment benefits?

An employer should never deduct anything from your paycheck for unemployment benefits. They have to pay the state you work in a payroll tax based on what they pay the employee