Can a retired cpo from navy reserve who came out of retirement and joined national guard and retired as a sargent question can you wear the navy uniform to a navy ball or must you go army?

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Yes as long as u wear the rank and awards that you made in the navy but why would you move from e7 to a e5 that's just crazy
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Is a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer still authorized to wear the CPO dinner dress uniform at formal occasions such as a local Marine Birthday Ball?

You bet, Chief! You served your country and retired with the thanks of a grateful nation. But just so you have Chapter and Verse, here's the appropriate part of the US Navy Un

How much does a retired Navy Commander earn?

There is no set limit - it depends entirely on the year of separation, years of service, type of separation, COLA adjustments, and many other factors, including disability, PO

Can you join active army to navy reserve?

I do know people who have done exactly that, but they've all had an MOS in the Army which corresponded with their occupation in the Navy Reserve. However, this may not necessa

How do you address a letter to a retired navy officer?

I myself is in the US Marines and when i have had to write to a retired Officer of the US Military i was to told when you are writing to a person of which deserves great appre

Were to get a retired navy id?

You should have been issued one at retirement. If you have lost that one, you should contact the nearest military facility. They will be able to provide the necessary docume

When do you get paid when you retire from navy?

It will depend on the number of years served and the rank at that time. For twenty years service, you are entitled to 50% of your base pay. For each year over 20, you receiv

Can you retire from navy attorney when you want?

Navy attorneys are officers. An officer may resign his commission. However, there are some restrictions, such as attending certain schools requires you to fulfill a specific

Can a beard be worn with retired navy uniform?

It depends on the event, and of course assuming you can still fit into it. It's been a few years since I've been even close to fitting into my Crackerjacks. For Veterans ev

How much do a retire navy make?

1/2 (Half) of whatever their rank/rate pay was at retirement. Also, This goes up every time active duty pay goes up or gets a raise. Example: If you were a Chief and mak