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Can a physician assistant become a doctor after experience?

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Anyone can apply to a medical school and become a doctor. The real question is whether or not being a PA will lead to a shorter time at medical school and the answer to that is, NO!
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How do you become a Physician Assistant?

Ok actually you only have to go to college for two years then a PA program two years. You can go and get you masters degree but it's not nessecary to obtain a license. Actuall

Are doctors and physicians assistants the same?

Yes and No They are trained in a similar model of education, but physicians complete a residency. PA's can complete an optional residency for PA's. They perform similar dutie

What is the difference between a doctor and physicians assistant?

No they are not, although it is within the same field basically doing the same type of work, and what I would call a team approach to health care. The physician's assistant wo

Can a physician assistant become a doctor by gaining experience?

Yes, but you would need to have all pre-req's and good MCAT scores to get into medical school. Im not sure if it is smart to become a physician assistant rather than going a

Majors to become physician assistant?

You can major in anything and still be accepted to PA school. It is only required that you complete the pre-requisites first. It is easiest to complete the pre-reqs which simu

Can you become a physician with a physician assistant degree?

No, and claiming to be a physician would be a crime.   If your degree says physician assistant then that's what you are - unless you go back to school, study some more and

What are the requirements of becoming a Physicians assistant?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for physicians assistants. Requirements for a