Can a payday loan company really take you to court and get you for a bad check in Texas even if you never wrote a check they just scanned it for your bank information?

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Under law, a check can technically be written in any form. The point of a check is your willing authorization for your bank to pay the payee. When you allowed them to scan your check and presumably signed a contract they provided, you established a covenant with them and paid via check, even if the actual check never changed hands. If they paid you money, and you legally authorized this transaction, you've passed a check. While I cannot speak authoritatively on Texas law specifically, I'd say with no reasonable doubt in my mind: Yes they can.
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If you went to a store front location and physically wrote a check, agreeing that they would cash it in the future, then you could be charged for a bad check. Normally, you wi
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Any lender can file suit against the debtor/borrower to recover monies owed. In the matter of criminal charges being brought concerning the check that depends upon the circum