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Can a felon carry a stun gun or mace in Indiana?

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Can a felon own a gun in Indiana?

No. Federal law - which applies to all states and territories ofthe US - prohibits a felon from purchasing, possessing, or beingallowed access to firearms, ammunition, and bal

Can a felon carry a tasergun in Indiana?

It is legal for a consumers to carry a Taser gun in Indiana.  However, dependent on the model, you may have to go through the  same background check requirements as when pur

Can felons posses a stun gun in Colorado?

  You don't have to pass a felony background check in order to purchase or carry a stun gun in Colorado. Below are states and cities where stun guns are restricted. ST

Can convicted felon own a stun gun in PA or at all?

  No, a felon may not own or possess one. The pertinent section of the law is highlighted.   § 908.1. Use or possession of electric or electronic incapacitation device

Can a ex felon carry a stun gun in California?

Yes, a felon CAN carry a stun gun in California or any state; however, hen he is apprehended he can be charged in state and federal court for a felon in possession of a weapon

Is it legal to carry a stun gun in Brazil?

Use of stun gun is legal for the police. Its use is widespread mainly in the Municipal Guards, who receive professional training in the use of electro-conductive pistols. Stun

Do more cops carry stun guns or Real Guns?

More carry real guns. Basically all police officers carry guns. Not every officer carries a stun gun. For instance, the city where I live, which is a large city, does not issu

Can a federal convicted felon use a stun gun in the US?

Answer 1: In many states, even persons who haven't been convicted of federal felonies -- or anything else, for that matter -- can't use stun guns; and that's because stun guns

Can security officers carry stun guns?

That depends on the local laws. In some areas they are considered  non-lethal weapons and permitted for use in private security. In  other areas they are considered lethal a