Can a child who was born in the US live with his parent outside of the country?

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It is legal for a child born in the United States to live with a parent outside of the country. Both parents usually have to agree, however.
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If a child lives in another country with his parent but the child is a US citizen and is being physically abused by the mother can he travel to New York and start emancipation proceedings?

Answer . The rules and requirements for emancipation vary from state to state. One of the requirements to file for emancipation is to be a resident of that state. Those

What nationality would a child be who is born in United Kingdom of married US parents who are temporarily living and working in the United Kingdom?

If they are only temporarily living in the UK, the child would be considered a foreigner by the British, but probably wouldn't become an American until the US birth documentat

If baby is born outside of the US and one of the parents is a US citizen doesn't the child automatically have US citizenship?

Answer . No, they were not born in the U.S.. Answer . The United States Constitution requires that Presidents (and Vice Presidents) of the United States be natural-bo

What are the rights of a US child born outside of country?

In general a the country in which a child is born is considered its place of birth so a US child can not be born outside of the US. If you are a US citizen but your child is b