Can a child be put up for adoption without fathers consent?

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certainly NOT, if the fathers' name is the birth certificate, if the father's is absent but he knows the child is his a DNA test is in order and make sure that the father gets a good lawyer!!
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If you are under eighteen and have a child can your legal guardian put your baby up for adoption without your consent?

No. even if you are under the AGE of 18 YOU are still the legal guardian to this child. You cannot be forced to give your child up, nor can anyone else make the decision for y

Can a step father adopt a child without the biological fathers consent?

While the biological father's consent is usually required, there are sometimes extenuating circumstances in which the stepfather can adopt without his consent. For example, if

Can the father sign into adoption of son to grandmother who has custody of child without mother's consent?

In almost all cases you need the mother's consent before the adoption can take place. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, you can at least try. For example, if th