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Can a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge a civil judgment on a credit card debt?

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Yes, unless the debt was fraudulent incurred. If the debt was fraudulently incurred, the creditor could file an action objecting to the discharge of that debt. One important thing to remember is that judgment LIENS will survive the bankruptcy unless the debtor files a petition under Section 522 of the bankruptcy code to remove the lien. If you file for bankruptcy, make sure you tell your attorney about any judgments against you so the attorney can investigate whether or not any liens exist.
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Can a civil judgment be discharged in chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, but judgment LIENS will remain in place unless you file the appropriate motion with the bankruptcy court. You definitely should see an attorney about this. Also, there ar

Can you get a civil judgment removed from your credit report if it was included and discharged in a bankruptcy even if the judgment date is later than the bankruptcy discharge date?

No, debts, liens, judgments incurred after a bankruptcy has been filed cannot be included and therefore cannot be discharged in the BK proceedings.    I was informed that

Can a credit card debt judgment still remain after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan was successfully discharged?

  Answer     The chapter 13 debtor is entitled to a discharge upon successful completion of all payments under the chapter 13 plan. The discharge has the effect

Can debt acquired on an others credit card be discharge by your bankruptcy?

Well - Yes & No.  That person may be a creditor of YOURS, and your debt to them could be discharged and should be included in your BK filing (you owe them).  But THEIR debt

Can a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge a civil judgment on utilities debt?

No type of bankruptcy, whether chapter 7, 11, or 13 discharges a civil or criminal judgment against you. Those are considered non-dischargeable debts and will remain with you

How can you get a civil judgment from creditor either off your credit report or show it was included in chapter 7 bankruptcy filing?

You cannot get it off of your credit report. You can get the accurate information that the account has been handled in Bankruptcy court on __ date. You need a copy of your ban