Can a 13 year old get a job in ohio?

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Where can a 13 year old get a job?

Answer . \nask your parents for advice but be creative maybe you can make charm braclets and then sell them at the local arts and crafts fair. but make sure its not elegal

Can a 13-year-old get a job in Ohio?

Answer . Want a job by teens!! Every time you send out a resume or apply for a job but fails. Now if you want to earn 3000$+ and want to choose better field for yours. .Do

Can 13 year olds get jobs?

you cant get a job legally until you are 16/18, when you are 13 I guess you could MOW YOUR NEIGHBOURS LAWN/YOUR OWN LAWN ASK PARENTS IF THEY NEED ANY HELP AROUND THE HOUSE DO

What modeling jobs are available for a 13 year old in Ohio?

There are many modeling job in Ohio or 13 year old all you have to do is just send your picuture in to the angency and you could be chosen out of 100's. The angency is Quickbo

Where can 13-year-olds get a job?

In your own neighborhood ... wash cars, mow lawns, do gardening work, shovel snow, wash windows. Just do the simple jobs ... you will have plenty of time later on to properly

How can a 13-year-old get a job?

if you'er only 13 you can't exactly get a good job! you could start off by doing paper rounds or doing volunteer work but you're best off to concentrate on your school work!

How do 13 year olds get jobs?

going on can a 13 year old get a job and McDonald job should appear and then fill in a application i did it but haven't heard from them cause i did it on the 26

Where can a 13-year old get a job?

Summer camps as a volunteer or mini staff. Baby Sitting. Dog Walker. Chores. Work for dad on the car. Be moms personal assistant
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Job for a 13 years old?

yes there is jobs for 13 years old but its very hard trying to find one trust me :L

What jobs are there for 13-year-olds?

You can start a dog walking business. You can charge $5 a day and walk dogs in rain or shine. Make posters but do not put you last name. You can put your last initial but not