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Can VA disability income be used in calculating income for a bankruptcy filing?

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no , because it falls under the federal exempt laws. example income from Social Security Dis. Child support, Rail Road funs etc.
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When filing bankruptcy do they take your income tax?

  This question has been discussed many times here..and there seems to be no hard and fast rule. Certainly, it depends on several things. Most importantly, is what perio

Does long term disability count towards means test as income when filing ch 7 bankruptcy?

Yes it does. Any form of income counts towards calculating your means test. Social Security incomes do not count as income. I just visited my lawyer today. The only question

Can social security disability income be used in calculating total income for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Currently Social Security Benefits to include VA Benefits and VA Caregiver Benefits (www.caregiver.va.gov) is not included for the means test. However.........when looking at

What happens when you file bankruptcy with no income?

In Australia they check out what you own and sell of your house and some of your possessions they let you keep your car tools if you have any and furniture. after that they le

Can your VA Disability income be used in calculating total income for child support?

The simple answer to this question yes and no. Can a judge do anything they want with judicial immunity? The answer is yes. It's up to the lawyers to present the law and convi

When on disability and listing income for filing bankruptcy do you list the benefits received for your children?

Here is a good rule of thumb--when filing for bankruptcy you list EVERYTHING! And by everything, I mean everything. Courts do not appreciate even unintentional concealments of

If you are on disability do you need to file income tax?

It depends on certain conditions. If you have a job, or if you have another earner in the family. Up to 85% of your Social Security can be taxed. If, however, SSDI is your o

Can you file income tax on your bankruptcy?

State Income Tax Claims, Federal Tax Claims, and Real Estate Taxes must be included in a bankruptcy filing. Income tax claims that are less than three years old will usually b