Can I win back my girlfriend after she dumped me and went back to her country with her old boyfriend?

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You can't trust her anymore. Give up.
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What do you do if you are dumped by your teenaged girlfriend and how can you get her back?

Let it go... . There is no way to "get someone back" if they truly want to be gone. Often people will wait until they can't take anymore before they leave because breaking

If you are twelve and you dumped your boyfriend now he has a girlfriend how do you get him back you love him?

Not to be harsh but YOU gave HIM UP . Don't expect him to run back at your convenience. Just be friends with him for a while, as hard as that may be and they will eventually b

How do you get your girlfriend back if you get dumped?

if your really intrested in having a long relationship with her,. tell her how much she means to you, one day when shes on her own just tell her that you love her with all yo

Can you win your girlfriend back after she dumped you and said she moved on?

If she says she has moved on and likes someone else chances are that she probably doesn't feel the same as she did while you guys were dating. I'm a girl and i know these th

How do you get an old boyfriend you dumped back?

If he is still single then you should tell him that you feel that you made a mistake and that you miss him so much and want him to take you back. There must be some reason why

How do you get your ex boyfriend back when you dumped him?

Tell him how you really feel. Tell him what you were thinking at the time you dumped him and then tell him why you didn't want to break up with him after all and understand th

How can you get your ex boyfriend back when he went to study abroad and dumped you because of another girl there?

Many people go through a breakup every day. If your boyfriend hasrecently broken up with you there is something you should know.that is, you can get your boyfriend, husband, w