Can I grow a parsley plant from dried parsley flakes?

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No,the parsley that is dried comes from the leaves of the plant,but you need the seeds to grow new plants.The seed stalk comes up above the plant in an umbrella shape.Commercial parsley would never be allowed to grow to this stage anyway,so it would be impossible to grow new plants from any parsley leaves,dried or fresh. 
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How long to grow parsley?

Around 2-3 weeks, or longer depending on how well watered and how much sun the pot gets.

Dried parsley vs fresh parsley?

Dried parsley and fresh parsley can both be used in food dishes.Which one is used depends wholly on what kind of flavor is tryingto be achieved. Fresh parsley will offer more

What does parsley do?

If you want to season the food you put parsley in it or it can be used as a finishing touch for a meal on top to make it look better.

What is a parsley?

In simple words its a herb. Parsley ( Petroselinum crispum ) is in the same family ( Apiaceae ) as parsnip, celery, dill, and carrots. The word "parsley" comes from the Latin
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Where we will get parsley?

Parsley is a small, fine, green leafy herb that is regularly available in the produce section of grocery stores and supermarkets. It's frequently displayed next to a similar l