Can HOA rules and regulations for a private residential community forbid someone to run a home business from their home or condo?

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In a word, 'yes'.

Your governing documents, which includes the CC&Rs, the By-laws and any Resolutions passed by the board, must address this situation specifically in order for the board to either allow or deny your operation.

(If you count on passive approval, you may receive active denial.)

Concerns include unusual amounts of traffic, parking contention and other burdens on the physical community.

An option is to document your home-based business from the point of view of the property. How much additional traffic? How much additional parking? Other physical considerations?

Send your document to the board and request a spot on the board meeting agenda. Request a discussion period so that you can give your assurances that your business will not damage or encroach on the common areas. Then, request a vote of the board to either approve or deny your right to operate your business from your home.
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