Can HF radios communicate with UHF or VHF radios?

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How does a professional hand held 2 way radio work what is vhf or uhf-which is better role?

Whether its a handheld, a mobile in a car, or a base unit, they all work the same way. They work just like your cheap walkie-talkies from Wal-Mart that you played with as a ki

Compare CB radio and VHF radio?

VHF is the radio range of 30 to 300 MHz. CB radio falls into HF (High Frequency), with all frequencies used being under 30 MHz. Frequencies under 30 MHz will hit the ionospher

Can a UHF radio be used with an VHF radio?

Not really. The UHF operate on an entirely different frequency spectrum that the VHF. UHF ranges from 225-399.975 whereas the VHF ranges from 108-115.975/116-148.975/ or 30-89

Do the police use UHF or VHF radios?

it rely depends where you are. UHF stands for ultra high frequency and vhf stands for very high frequency. vhf has ben around longer than UHF making them cheaper to use but UH

Can a uhf vhf antenna receive FM radio broadcast?

Any antenna can receive anything, but not very well unless it's the correct length for the frequency you're trying to receive. Yes, this antenna will work well so you wil

Which is the best two-way radio Motorola ht1000 uhf or Motorola gp300 vhf?

The Motorola Radius GP 300 was designed to be a business-class portable targeted at business, industry, school districts, and other non-public-safety users. The Motorola HT
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Are UHF radios handheld or stationary?

UHF radios are handheld radios. They are a great 2 way radio that are used by police, children, and hikers. They can be used by anyone needing to communicate via 2 way radio i
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Can HF radio communicate with UHF or VHF radios?

No. The acronyms stand for different, non-overlapping frequency ranges. Since the #1 immutable requirement for radios to be able to talk to each other is that they be on t
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What is the Motorola UHF radio famous for?

Motorola UHF radio is most famous for its ability to transmit radio in tow possible directions. This technology allows for communication as well as ease of listening.