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There is no "average" anymore. Property and Casualty insurance companies are using personalized methods to determine premiums. Auto insurance is based on where you live, how many miles you drive, how many tickets or accidents you have had, how long you have had insurance coverage, the year make and model of your vehicle, if you have made claims, your age and your credit rating. Another factor is if you live in a state with "no fault" insurance laws. If so, prepare to pay even more. Homeowners and renters rates are based upon whether the dwelling is owner occupied, age and condition of dwelling, territory where it is located, loss history and credit rating. To get the best rate possible keep a clean driving record, have no homeowner losses, pay your bills on time and carry a high deductible. People who constantly turn in claims are going to pay a higher premium because they are more apt to have a low credit score. Remember that your insurance is for a major loss...not for stone chips in your paint, not for a cracked window glass, but to protect you if you are involved in a serious accident or if you have a major loss on your home.
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