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When DST Starts Daylight saving time, in the United States, begins at 2:00 am, Sunday March 9, 2008.
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Why is Daylight Saving Time not called Daylight Savings Time?

In "Daylight Saving Time," "Daylight Saving" is being used as an adjective - as in time that is saving daylight. "Daylight Savings" would be a noun itself, and makes little se

What does daylight saving time save?

When you turn your clock forward an hour in Summer it's saving time because when it is 12 midnight, it is actually eleven, so it is SAVING TIME because you rise earlier and ge

Does Daylight Saving Time save time?

Daylight Saving Time was introduced before electricity was in use. It's primary implementation was to save candles by shifting people's waking hours. There is no actual affect

How do you change to Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight savings time started at 2:00 AM Sunday morning. Move the clock hand forward one hour or read the instructions for your digital clock to see how to change the time. Re

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Who started Daylight Saving Time and when?

Benjamin Franklin first suggested Daylight Saving Time in 1784, but modern DST was not proposed until 1895 when an entomologist from New Zealand, George Vernon Hudson, present

How does daylight saving time save daylight?

By advancing the clock one hour, the sun appears to set later in the evening. Of course, it also rises one hour later in the morning. The daylight "saved" in the morning is us