Are twin sisters closer than regular sisters?

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It depends on the people. Typically, there is a 'connection,' but not all twins have this.
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Is a sister a closer relative than a mother?

No. Your closest relations are your parents and your children - you are separated by 1 degree of separation. To get to your sister, that's 2 degrees (up to mom, down to sis).

Can you have twins if you have twin sisters?

Just about anyone can have twins. However, when twins "run in thefamily", it only runs in the FEMALE half of the family. If yourmother is a twin who has a mother who is a twin

Do you have a twin sister?

Yes! in fact this is me and my twin sisters account, we love to play together and hang out with each other. But we can fight alot too! Feel free to message us anytime!

My grandmothers sister had twins what are my chances?

Overall chances of your having twins are about 3.2%. According to several sources, here are some factors in increasing your chances of having twins: You are over 45 (17%

Why does it seem your twin sister is better at everything than you?

Confirmation bias. You best remember events that confirm your thinking and forget events that challenge it. So when your sister does better than you, you remember the ev

How do you get closer to your sister-in-law?

Try doing things together that you both like to get to know each other. It could improve your relationship with her by going out places, having simple and fun chats and shar

Why do I weigh more than my identical twin sister?

The genetic tendency toward body size should make identical twinsof roughly the same build, generally the same metabolism, and evensubject to the same allergies. However, as t