Are there more herbivores or carnivores in the Serengeti?

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Should be herbivores since carnivores are higher in the food chain.
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Why are there more herbivores than carnivores?

Simply put, carnivores are higher up on the food chain. So, there are naturally less because there is less food. The "scientific" reason for this has to do with trophic leve

Why cant there be more carnivores than herbivores?

carnivores are animals which eat animals while herbivores are animals which eat plant and every one knows that plants are an easy source of food with this herbivores increase

Are there more carnivores than herbivores?

I think there is a pretty even amount of carnivores and herbivores. There might be a bit more herbivores because they need more of their species to survive, since the carnivor

Why were there more herbivores than carnivores?

One carnivore can eat lots of herbivores so the number of predators always has to be lower than the number of prey. If the number of carnivores gets bigger than their prey som

Which organism will get more energy herbivores or carnivores and why?

Herbivores. In a food chain, energy is passed from one link toanother. When a herbivore eats, only a fraction of the energy (thatit gets from the plant food) becomes new body